Sunday, 24 April 2011


I first read about floatation tanks in a newspaper article years ago. Although I read it in the UK the tanks were in New Zealand. Having never been to any sort of spa or having done anything like this before, I loved the idea and resolved to have a go when I got to New Zealand. As I only ended up spending a week in NZ instead of 6 months it didn't happen, and so has been something I've wanted to do now for a really long time. I've since been to other spas and had other treatments, but still not done the floating in a small, dark tank thing. 

I've put it on this list as it will make me look into doing it. Already because it's on the list I've googled tanks in the UK. The best and most feasible one seems to be in London. So I've resolved to do this next time I'm down there. It's £40 for a one hour session which isn't cheap but is affordable for something I really want to do. 

I've just checked out today's Groupon email and there was an offer for clay pigeon shooting which is also something I'd like to have a go at. As it's something I'd like to do with someone and I'm in Germany so can't ring round my friends, I've left it for now. I did wonder about offers in other parts of the country though and so checked out the past offers for London. Lo and behold, there was an offer (now expired) for the very floatation place I'm planning on going to. The offer is for £14 instead of the usual £40. I'll have to keep an eye on the London site and hope the offer comes up again before I go. I don't know if I'd have to book the session straight away (could be a problem if I don't know what date I'll next be in London) or just buy a voucher and worry about the date later. Hopefully it will be the latter.

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