Tuesday, 3 May 2011


I don't play any musical instruments but have always felt that I should. That it would make me a more complete person in some way. I'm not naturally musical and actually think I'm tone deaf, but why should I let a little thing like that stop me.

I'm interested in a few instruments such as the guitar, piano and violin, but the one that really interests me is the drums. I love the sound of drums and there's just something appealing about having a legitimate reason to bash the hell out of something. What a way to get rid of any frustrations!

As a whole drum kit will take up too much room, I think I should start with something like a bodhran or bongo drums. I bought my nieces one of each for Christmas and so had a go of them then and quite liked them. A couple of nights ago I almost went back on to the same website I got their drums from to order myself some, but decided to hold off for a month or two as I've had a lot of other expenses recently. Then towards the end of a school meeting today the Head of Music mentioned that her department had lots of bodhrans that never get used and she's looking to get rid of them. Straight away I asked if I could have one, as did a few other people. So I think I'll be getting a free bodhran when she gets round to sorting them out. I asked if she also has any bongos going spare but she didn't think so. We all have to get rid of so much stuff before we move into the new building next January that I think there will quite a few more instruments up for grabs as well. Hmm, wonder what else I could learn?

I've had a look on the internet for a 'teach yourself drumming from scratch' guide, but they all seem to be more for regular drums. I'll keep looking, but also may have to look for lessons in the future. I don't want to be a brilliant drummer (I know there's no chance of that), but as long as I understand the basics and can bash out a bit of rhythm I'll be happy.

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