Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Ramblers

I've recently rejoined the Ramblers. I was a member a few years ago and although I only ever went on one walk with them, I did like the magazines and I like the idea of supporting them as a pressure group. They do a lot of good work keeping public footpaths open and fighting for rights of way. When my membership expired I couldn't afford to renew it. I've always intended renewing but never got round to it. Now that I'm getting serious about walking and a future life involving the outdoors I thought it a good idea to rejoin.

My welcome pack has just arrived. I've got the latest magazine and a note saying I should receive the new handbook in the next few weeks. Unfortunately they seem to have signed me up to the Upper Wharfedale group. From what I can make out the walks all seem to be aimed at people living in Leeds and Bradford and their surrounding areas. There must be a group closer than a couple of hours drive away! I can't remember which group I was assigned to last time; maybe Stockport or Derbyshire? So I'll have to contact them and ask them to find me a closer group. It's a tad concerning though that a national association involved with maps, distances, areas and so on doesn't seem to know that Manchester isn't a suburb of Leeds!

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