Sunday, 22 May 2011


Web Design
As I didn't do the Duke of Edinburgh camping weekend, I've spent today sorting out plants, making up hanging baskets and planting vegetables. I've also got loads of laundry and ironing done. These are all things that needed doing, but I've run out of time to do the other things I was hoping to do, like my homework for the web design course. So I'll have to do that tomorrow evening instead. The teaching part of the course has almost finished and soon we'll be starting on creating our own websites for the assessment. I'm going to work on the actual website I want to have so at least I'll be well on the way with it when the course finishes in July. 

I rang the campsite in Exmoor this afternoon to try to book for next week. As it's half term and the bank holiday I thought it might get busy. I spoke to owner who doesn't take bookings in advance, but advised me to try to get there before lunch as it is likely to be busy. He said they shouldn't have too much trouble fitting just me and my small tent in though. I've checked out a route online and it's about a 4hr drive. To allow for a stop on the way and any delays, I think I'll leave home at 6am next Saturday. That should give me plenty of time to explore the area once I've got my tent up, and then I can start my walks first thing on the Sunday morning. 

I read a bit of the April edition of Country Walking magazine whilst I was having my lunch. It's got a special feature on the national parks and yes, there was an article on Exmoor. So I've cut it out and will take it with me. I've already got the OS map which I bought a few weeks ago and lots of printed out walks from the internet. 

I spoke to a friend at work during the week about ballooning. If I can get a good price she is willing to do it with me. So now I just have to wait for the special offer to come up again on Groupon. When it does I'll buy a couple of vouchers and then we can sort out a day to do it. 

The Groupon voucher that arrived today was for a PADI diving course. Although I have no time to do anything about this at the moment I had a quick look at what the requirements are for the course. I need to be able to swim 200m. I can swim 200m, but only with lots of breaks, and I somehow don't think they'll count this. At least I have an idea now of what I need to aim for when I start swimming again.  

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