Sunday, 5 June 2011

Wild Camping

As I walked along the Exmoor stretch of the South West Coastal Path I thought about how I would do the walk if I was doing it in one go rather than as a series of day walks. Most camp sites are a bit of the way off the path so would add a few miles walking to each day. Not something I'd particularly want to do. There was actually one campsite that the path went through and it had signs up saying hikers could camp for one night only on their way through for £4. Usual price being a mind-boggling £13 a night! It did say that this was for 2 people, but as there was nothing about prices for individuals it sounded like if I'd stayed here instead of Porlock I'd have had to pay for a non-existent second person as well as myself. 

But, to get back to the main point, if I was walking this section in one go I would have had to wild camp on some of the nights. Much of the walking was through wooded areas that sloped upwards and downwards either side of the path, so there was really nowhere to fit a tent. This was particularly true on the first day's walk when the only flat, clear bit seemed to be at the section where the path crossed the path leading to County Gate. This was a bit of busy area and so not ideal. 

Between Minehead and Porlock it would have been possible to camp on the moorland, but this would have meant a very short day's walking. The other stretches of the walk were similar in not having many appropriately placed areas to wild camp in. 

I'm planning to wild camp on the Great Glen Way in the summer, so I hope it's easier to find places than this! 

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