Thursday, 21 July 2011

Country Tracks Exmoor

I've just watched a Country Tracks programme on iplayer. I downloaded it ages ago and thought it was about time I got round to watching it before it expired. It's the first time I've watched Country Tracks and I was only interested in this particular one because it was about Exmoor where I spent half term. It was an interesting programme though, so I may have to look out for others.

I learnt various things from it such as the Lynmouth flood may have been caused by the government and military experimenting with technology to make it rain. Also, that it's thought that Exmoor ponies originally came from Alaska thousands of years ago and would have roamed around with sabre toothed tigers. I was quite happy to see ponies when I was walking - don't think I'd have felt quite the same way if I'd run into a sabre toothed tiger though!

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