Friday, 22 July 2011


I've been trying to get hold of my friend in Glasgow for a while now. As I'm going up to Scotland for the summer and I haven't seen her for a while it would be nice to catch up. Also I was hoping to be able to leave my car with her when I walk the Great Glen Way. I could leave it in Fort William or Inverness but as I'll have a lot of gear in it I'd rather it was somewhere more secure. After several wrong numbers I finally got hold of her this evening.

I wanted to walk the GGW first and then nip back to Glasgow to pick my car up before driving to Aberdeen to catch the ferry to Lerwick. However, because of her shifts it's actually better to do it the other way round as I'll get to see a bit more of her if I stay with her later in August rather than this weekend. So tomorrow I have ring Northlink to try to get booked on to the Monday night ferry. It's usually a 14.5 hr journey but because the Monday night ferries don't call into Orkney it's slightly shorter.

It's not so bad doing the trip this way round as I can do lots of walking in Shetland to get myself trained a bit more ready for my long walk. It also gives me more time to organise things like getting a key for the toilets at the locks along the way. I'll try giving them a call tomorrow as well and see how much it is to rent/buy the key and how I actually collect it.  

I had been planning to leave tomorrow but as I still have lots to do before I'll be ready to leave I've decided to put it off until Sunday. Which is my birthday. And I like going on holiday on my birthday.

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