Friday, 26 August 2011

Back home

I'm back home after just over a month away in which I completed two of my challenges. I've wild camped in the UK and walked a long distance path in one go.

My wild camping was quite soft really as in Shetland it's so easy and most of the time I camped near piers where there are toilets and showers. But I did do nine straight nights. I also officially wild camped for a couple of nights on the Great Glen Way as I slept at locks where there are designated wild camping sites (can it be wild camping when it's a designated site?) and I was able to buy a key enabling me to use the toilets and showers at the locks. I've done much wilder wild camping in other parts of the world (particularly Africa) so I know I'm capable of it, I just wanted to break my habit of always relying on campsites when I'm in this country.

As for my long distance walk, I walked the Great Glen Way over 6 days. Technically I finished on the 7th day as I stopped at the campsite in Inverness at the end of day 6. This is right on the route and there seemed no point walking into Inverness just to walk back out again, only to walk back in again the next day to get the train. The walk should have been 73 miles but I did just over 80 as one day there was a 2 mile diversion and I also walked out to both sea locks which aren't included in the official trail. I carried all my gear for the first 4 days, but set up camp in Inverness and bussed back to the walk for the last couple of days when it was long and hilly. I could have done it with all my gear but would have needed more time. As with the wild camping, I have done longer walks than this and carried more gear in other countries, but wanted to do it here just to prove to myself that I'm still up to it.

So right now, I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself.

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