Sunday, 18 September 2011

It's booked

Finally. We've ended up having to settle for a caravan at a caravan park near the halfway point of the walk. There seem to be fairly regular buses along the coast so we'll take a car and do a mix of leaving the car at one end of the walk and getting buses each day. A bit of a faff, but at least we don't have to carry all our gear.

We had planned to do the walk over four days and have accommodation on Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights. However, at this caravan park we can only have the caravan Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Getting there on the Friday night isn't a big deal and it means we can get an early start on the Saturday morning. But it does mean that unless we can find alternative accommodation for Monday night we'll have to complete the walk in three days instead of four. As we'll be restricted by the bus times and by the diminishing daylight this may not be feasible. But at least we're going.

I really don't know why everything has been so difficult and expensive. I find it hard to believe that demand is so high they can be like this and not see it as an issue. But equally I can't understand why they seem to be actively trying to discourage tourists.

Some of the problems we've had, besides everywhere seemingly being full, are:

  • Very expensive campsites - cheaper to stay in a hotel!
  • Campsites that state you have to stay a minimum of 2 nights - it's a long-distance walking trail; walkers will stay one night and walk on!
  • Very expensive guesthouses and B&Bs - again, there are hotels that are cheaper (just not where we need them unfortunately) 
  • The caravan park we are staying at saying we can't leave the car there on the day we checkout. We have to have it moved out of the park by 10am!

It almost makes me want to do the walk just so I can say "Hah! Beat you. I did it despite all your obstacles!"

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