Thursday, 8 September 2011

More walking

 I spoke to a friend this evening. She moved to Norfolk about 6 years ago and so far I haven't got round to visiting her. Now that I've completed the Great Glen Way I've been thinking about which path to take on next. I'm still not ready for a very hilly, long one, so thought that the Peddar's Way and the Norfolk Coast Path could be good choices. And I could visit my friend at the same time. My friend is keen to do the Peddar's Way with me and said it starts about 10 miles away from her house. So we've tentatively pencilled in half term.

She also mentioned that she would like to climb Kilimanjaro before she is 50. As this is also on my list, we can now start thinking about it together and motivate each other. It's something I really should have done years ago when I lived in Africa and spent time in Tanzania. But I wasn't fit enough and couldn't afford it. These are still issues now, but if I can focus then I can start working towards it.

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