Monday, 9 January 2012

Lots going on

There seems to be so much happening at the moment. We're on day 9 of the year and already I feel that this is going to be a good  year in which I'm going to achieve lots.

I signed up for the travel writing course with the London School of Journalism on Saturday night and by Sunday I had my first two lessons emailed to me. I really wasn't expecting it to be that quick! Today I've had another email from them with a lot more information. I've skimmed through the two lessons to get an idea of what's expected of me so I can start thinking about them. I'll wait until the weekend to go through them properly though.

Still on the topic of writing, yesterday I was reading Wanderlust magazine and found a short book review that had been submitted by a reader. This is a regular column where readers can submit a review of a 'must read book' that they've 'read on location'. There's no payment involved, but it seems like a good way to start getting myself into print.

I made a quick study of the style of the already published article and then wrote one in a similar style and emailed it off to the magazine. I also used a few of the tips I'd picked up from my skim-reading of the two writing course lessons I've received to make the layout and presentation seem a bit more professional. I've already got a reply from 'Tom' thanking me and saying he's looking forward to reading it. Reading what? My review? Or the book itself because he likes my review? Does this mean I'm going to be published? It's all a bit ambiguous. But if I am published then that's a good start on my 2012 twelve list.

On a completely different topic, today was my first day back at school and I was already discussing half-term plans with a colleague. We got onto summer holiday plans and she mentioned she has booked to go to Womad with a group of girlfriends. I had no plans to go to Womad over the next few years because it falls in the summer holidays when I'd rather be away somewhere for a month or more. I want to go to Womad, but thought it could wait a while. However, when my colleague mentioned it and then invited me along it seemed like fate. Another example of how keeping a list and focussing on the things I want to achieve helps to make them happen. So I've said I'll go. It should be fun to be with a group of people as well.

I've just been online to book a ticket, but it's all a bit confusing. I need to check with her tomorrow which type of ticket she's got and for which days, then I can get mine booked. I'll still have time to go to Scotland afterwards (or Japan if the free tickets thing happens), and I can explore Wiltshire or Somerset for a few days before the festival starts.

I've got the floatation tank booked in London for half-term and today they've emailed me to confirm two sessions. I've mailed back to correct it to one session! I've also got a ticket for the Hajj exhibition at the British Museum over half-term. During the rest of my time in London the friend I'm staying with suggested meeting up at lunch time one day to go to Jamie Oliver's restaurant Fifteen. If we can't get in there then we may go to the Ritz for afternoon tea instead. I'd like to go to Jamie's restaurant, but the afternoon tea at the Ritz would mean another challenge ticked off. Choices, choices ...

Whilst I was planning my half-term and thinking about the things I can achieve I thought I might as well check out England fixtures at Wembley. I got excited when I realised England are playing Holland on February 29th, until I realised that this is the week after half-term. I thought about trying to get down for the game, but I really don't think I'd make it on time. I've looked at other fixtures and there's a Belgium game I could go to in June. It's on a Saturday, so the travelling time wouldn't be a problem. I'd rather go to the Holland game, as The Netherlands is a country I go to most years and feel a bit of a connection to. Also, the only other game I've ever been to at Wembley was an international schoolboys' game when I was at school myself. This game was England vs Holland, and so it seemed kind of meant to be that the game I see now should be England vs Holland. Except it's not meant to be. Oh well, can't have everything.

To apply for tickets for an England game I need a FAN (FA number). I've applied for one and now have it ready for when the tickets for the Belgium game go on sale. I'll have to keep monitoring the FA's site to make sure I do get a ticket.

I still have quite a few posts about Iceland in the draft stage as well which I'm trying to get finished, but now I'm getting distracted by all these other things. I'm certainly not complaining about having lots of good things going on in my life though!

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