Thursday, 19 January 2012


Having plans for fun things to do in the holidays or at weekends is what keeps me going through term time. Especially when I work 14 hour days like today. And know that I'll be late again tomorrow. And even that won't be enough; I'll still be behind with everything I need to do. So the plans are really important.

This week my plans have really been coming together for half term. I'll be going down to London to stay with a friend in Chesham for the first part of the week and then heading round the M25 to Kent to stay with different friends for a few days.

On the Monday I'm going to Wembley to do a tour of the new stadium. We're then heading into town to have a late lunch at Jamie Oliver's Fifteen restaurant. To finish off our day we have tickets for a Night of Adventure at the Vue Cinema in Leicester Square. This is a roll call of people who do interesting, adventurous and intrepid things. They each present a slide show of their 'adventure' but have only 20 slides and 20 seconds per slide to present it. I'm hoping for inspiration.

We also want to go to the Vertigo bar on the 42nd floor of the Nat West Tower. This is the second tallest building in London and the bar is small and surrounded by windows with amazing views. It's expensive so we'll only be having one drink there. I don't know if we'll have time to fit it in on Monday between the restaurant and the show so may have to postpone it till another evening.

For the Tuesday and Wednesday I have my tickets for the Hajj exhibition at the British Museum and the floatation tank. I'll have plenty of time on these days to do other things as well, like visiting some of my favourite shops: Stanford's, the Algerian Coffee Stores, the bookshops on Charing Cross Road ...

As well as plans for this half term, I also have the England game to look forward to in the June half term and Womad in the summer. A few weekends are getting booked up too, with friends coming to stay at the end of the January and a weekend in Nottingham planned so I can go to my first ever ice hockey game with a friend's daughter (she's a bit of an expert and so will be able to explain it all to me).

The 14 hour days don't seem so bad when I think about all of this.

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