Sunday, 4 March 2012

2012 Twelve February Review

Hm, a bit of a rubbish month really as far as achievements go. I'll blame it on the fact that February is a short month (even with the extra day this year) and I was away for a week of it.

1. Floating in a floatation tank.  I did achieve the #1 challenge on my 2012 twelve list as I went floating over half term whilst I was in London.

3. Taking at least one photo every day of the year. Apart from taking lots of photos whilst I was in London, I haven't been keeping to my photo a day challenge. I felt quite inspired by the Hungry Cyclist's project of taking a photo of something he eats every day for a year, and this might be something I'll do in future years. However, I first need to get in the habit of taking a daily photo of anything, before I can start thinking about making it specific!

7. Learning to use at least 3 new pieces of technology or computer programmes. The 'Apple in an Hour' course was postponed at the last minute. It will still happen, but I have no idea when. So I haven't learnt how to use any new bits of technology yet.

8. Doing a writing course. I haven't started my writing course yet, though I should have more time this month.

9. Getting at least one piece of writing published. I've achieved #9 as I got a book review published (unpaid) in Wanderlust. This is quite a prestigious travel magazine, so I felt quite proud of myself when I saw the review in print alongside a photo of me. As I actually wrote it and got it accepted last month, this is more an achievement from last month but I didn't want to count it until I actually saw it in print.

So, although I've got two challenges ticked off and I'm only two months in and so technically I'm on schedule, I still feel like I haven't made much headway. March should be better, as I'll get on with the writing course and I need to make a serious effort to go over my finances to plan for the rest of the year. Once I've done this I can start making plans to change my car and for my next house. As the MOT is due on my car in mid April and I'll be away for the first half of April, I really need to get my car changed by the end of March. So this is the major project for this month.

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