Sunday, 11 March 2012

White Van (Wo)Man

Today I went to look at vans/cars. I either want a car that has a bit of extra height and that has easily removable seats so it can be used for sleeping in, or a van that I can do a semi-conversion on and turn it into a campervan. My other criteria are that it should be orange and have cup holders, but I realise that might be expecting a bit much.

The first place I looked didn't have anything to suit.  The second place didn't have anything either, but one of their partner showrooms did. They actually found a couple of options for me and I've decided to go with the second which is a white Berlingo van. It's only five years old and has really low mileage. At the moment it's in Doncaster so I haven't seen it myself yet, but they're going to get it driven down here this week and then I can test drive it and get my mechanic to check it over. All being well, by next weekend I'll have my van. So quite a productive Sunday really. And we were finished in time to go for a nice pub lunch.

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