Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Cycle panniers and computer

A quick shopping trip to Lidl in Germany yesterday resulted in my acquisition of a pair of panniers and a cycle computer. The panniers seem pretty good - I wouldn't plan to use them for an end-to-end cycle tour of Africa, but as I'm only planning on local cycling at the moment they should be fine. It only cost €10 for the pair so I really couldn't resist. I can't take them in my backpack to Prague next week, so I'll have to wait till the end of the summer to get them as then my brother can bring them in his empty suitcases. 

The computer was only €3.99 and apparently does lots of whizzy things like tell me how far I've gone, my average speed and how many calories I've burnt. So it should be fun to play around with. And it's small and light so I can take it with me when I leave here.

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