Friday, 11 May 2012

Getting things booked

I've been off work this week as I lost my voice. Careless I know. As a teacher a voice is pretty much essential for my job. Still at least I've been able to get loads (and I mean LOADS) of stuff done at home that I normally never get time to do. Like cleaning. I'm feeling very organised and virtuous as I look around my sparkling and tidy home. Having a clear and clean space around me makes my head feel cleaner and clearer too and I feel better able to get on with things. So this afternoon I've sat at my clean and clear desk and done all kinds of organising and booking tasks.

I tried to book tickets for myself and a friend to go to Wembley in June to see England play Belgium but they are sold out! I only got an email on Sunday saying that tickets were available and I really didn't think Belgium were that exciting a team, so I didn't quite believe the 'sold out' sign when I first saw it. Oh well, what's meant to be is meant to be. I'll try to go next season instead and maybe I'll get to see a more interesting team. Not going in June also means I get to go straight down to the south west coast path for half term rather than having to detour into London on the way. So that's a bonus. It would be better to see England when it's a stand-alone weekend rather than a half-term and then it doesn't impact on anything else and I can actually have a nice weekend in London. So although it would have been nice to get a challenge ticked off, I'm not too disappointed about it.

I did get to book tickets to hear the Dalai Lama speak in Manchester later on in June though. I'm not overly interested in Buddhism but he is pretty important and as I am interested in religions generally it's a good opportunity to go and hear what he's got to say. I'm going with a friend's daughter who is currently studying Theology. Like me, she's got more of a general interest than a specific interest in Buddhism.

I've also booked myself onto a walk led by Stephen Booth in September. It's a 5 mile walk starting in Castleton and is visiting some of the locations mentioned in his books. No dead bodies guaranteed but it should still be an interesting walk. At the same time as booking it I've also joined the Friends of the Peak District. This is an organisation that runs various campaigns to support the Peak District and has different events on offer, the Booth walk being just one of them.

As well as this, I've sorted out lots of other things today, like the breakdown cover for my van (actually got a refund!), a magazine subscription, my pension, and changed my Ramblers membership to a group closer to where I live.

So, all in all, I feel like I've had a productive day. This would never have been possible if I'd had to go to work. It's made me realise that for my life to run smoothly and for me to be able to do all the things I want I either have to give up work or get myself a maid and a PA. As I can't afford either option I guess I'll just have to accept that for most of the time things just don't get done.

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