Friday, 15 June 2012

Flying Lessons and Duke of Edinburgh

I've just booked a flying lesson! Well, I've almost booked one. I was flicking through my emails and noticed an offer for reduced price flying lessons on Living Social so I've bought the voucher. When it comes through I can book the 90 minute lesson. The small print says I have to give availability for four weekends over a 12 month period and they will contact me when I can have my lesson. So I won't know exactly when I'll be having my lesson until just before it happens, but the anticipation will be lovely.

I love the idea of being able to pilot my own small aircraft, but it's expensive and so is something I can't really contemplate doing at the moment. If I enjoy this one-off lesson I'll know that it is something I really want to do and is worth saving for, and if not, I can take it off my list.

As for the Duke of Edinburgh, I'm talking about the award not the person. I keep trying to get involved in this but it never works out. This year I seem to have a really good chance of being involved. I went to a meeting last night where we planned for the coming year. As long as we get enough students interested I'll be able to be part of the facilitating team. I've already said that my strengths lie in walking, camping and orienteering, and so I could work with the students on the expedition. Of course what's in it for me is that it will count towards my walking group leader's qualfication.

So, after a bit of a lull, things seem to be picking up again.

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