Sunday, 5 August 2012

Using my tablet

I'm typing this on my new tablet. After much research I decided to go for an Asus tablet that comes with a detachable keyboard so it can be used as a netbook. It had good reviews, particularly about the aspects that were most important to me. The battery lasts for up to 15 hours; it's light enough to carry around when used without the keyboard (the keyboard makes it heavier, but I wanted a keyboard to use for when weight isn't an issue); it has wireless internet access; and it has Polaris installed which is similar to Microsoft Office (and apparently compatible, though I haven't tried it yet). It also has a camera, bluetooth, and can be used with a USB as well as SD cards.

So, how am I finding it? I'm sitting in the stunning lounge of the Isle of Barra Hotel near to where I've been camping. I came in looking for a coffee and a place to sit and type. They weren't open for coffee but said I could sit in the lounge and then offered to make me a coffee anyway. So I'm sat with a silver pot of strong, delicious coffee, on an orange sofa, in front of a large window overlooking the beach and sand dunes. The lounge itself is airy with big red and orange sofas, a budgie in a cage, a piano, interesting wall hangings and pictures, a shelf of games and three shelves of books, and some very comfy looking leather loungers. I'm getting very distracted looking out of the window and looking around the room.

But, I'm here to test my tablet. I took a few photos of the longe using the camera but have no idea where they've gone or how I save them. I found the Polaris version of Word and I'm tyring to get used to the tiny keyboard. I'm making a lot of mistakes. I've not found out how to copy and paste or how to drag text around yet. I've also not found the delete button and so can only use backspace to clear any mistakes. But I'm learning and when I feel competent this will count towards my 2012 twelve goals.

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