Sunday, 2 September 2012

I want to speak Arabic

This evening I took the various family members who are staying with me at the moment to the Curry Mile for an Indian meal. Once there, we had a change of plan and went to a Lebanese restaurant called 'Beirut' instead. The food was wonderful and we spent several hours eating from the buffet and the menu. We had desserts and soft drinks as well as mint tea and the whole thing came to less than £10 a head.

The staff were really friendly and helpful and extra nice to the children. They were all speaking Arabic to each other; a language I love hearing and would love to be able to speak. They sometimes didn't quite understand what we were saying and it was so frustrating not to be able to just say it in Arabic to them. Usually this wouldn't bother me too much, but because this is a language I've been wanting to learn for years, it frustrates me I think because it makes me aware that I haven't done anything about it yet.

I don't think it would be overly difficult too learn because I've learnt Hebrew in the past and the roots of many words are the same in both languages. Whenever I've looked at the alphabet I can see how some of the letters relate to the Hebrew letters and have obviously come from the same source even though they are very different now.

I've got learning Arabic on my list of 60 things, but didn't plan to do anything about it for next few years as I know I really don't have the time. But after this evening I'm wondering if I should really try to make the time and start now.


  1. Go for it! :) I always say the odd thing in German as I remember bits from school and I have it on my list. I plan to visit Munich and Berlin in the next few years which I reckon will be the kick I need to get me started on that list item! :)

    1. I've had a brief look to see if I can find anything online to get me started, but will probably end up with a book/CD. I don't have time for a college course at the moment. Hope you get to Germany sooner rather than later and you can get started on your German. Oh, and thanks for following :-)

  2. No problem, always great to see somebody working on a list. I got too lazy but making one has made me get out a bit more and start trying more things.

    I think I'll end up with a CD/DVD for German too but my girlfriend is a French teacher and can speak Spanish also so those two are also viable options. My Grandfather is Polish but I can't speak that and I've found it extremely difficult when I've tried.