Monday, 28 January 2013

10 Jobs

I've been thinking about my job and how I'm in need of a change. The job I've got now is the longest job I've ever had and I'm definitely getting itchy feet. This started me thinking about my skills which led to me thinking about all the different jobs I've had.

So many kids at school say they know what they want to do when they leave and that's the only thing they're going to do for the rest of their lives and therefore they most certainly don't need to learn whatever it is I'm trying to teach them as it's not relevant to them and they'll never need it. It's so frustrating trying to convince them that they probably won't do the same thing all their lives and also quite sad that their aspirations are so low they think they'll be happy doing the same thing day in, day out for the rest of their working lives.

When I was 15 I knew I wanted to have a varied life and do different things, but not even in the wildest depths of my imagination could I have thought up even half the things I ended up doing.

Here are 10 relatively normal jobs I've had:

  1. School teacher
  2. English as a foreign language teacher
  3. Manager
  4. Waitress
  5. Cook
  6. Au pair
  7. Barmaid
  8. Call centre phone person
  9. Receptionist
  10. GCSE examiner

And here are 10 slightly more unusual jobs I've had:

  1. Selling burgers and chips from a shed on a market
  2. Milking cows
  3. Making wheels in a wheel factory
  4. Picking kumquats
  5. Cleaning chicken sheds
  6. Debt collector
  7. Market research, going door-to-door with a large bag stuffed with special pad samples trying to interest women in talking about their bladder control problems
  8. Sandwich technician
  9. Having my face painted in order to be an extra in a Persil Automatic advert
  10. Cookie baker

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