Saturday, 23 March 2013

Snow Stops Recce

This weekend I should have been camping and recceing the walks we'll do in May and June with our Duke of Edinburgh students. After hearing reports of possible bad weather earlier in the week we decided to just go out on Sunday instead. But now with snow caused road closures we've called our Sunday only recce off as well.

Just over a week ago I did an afternoon course for expedition leaders which went over all the basics. Some of it was obvious, but I did get a few new things to think about and met some interesting people, so it was worth it. Obviously in just an afternoon I wasn't going to become an expert leader but it has strengthened my confidence in that my prior knowledge and experience should stand me in good stead.

So I was all enthused and ready to get out and start doing practical stuff. A colleague and I had pored over maps and worked out a route, my colleague (who's far more proactive and practical than me) has booked the campsites for the practice and the assessed expeditions. Because we have such a large group and because we have both silver and bronze students, we're going to have to divide them into two separate groups and go out different weekends with them. As the silver walk 3 days and the bronze walk two days we've worked out 3 day routes of which the bronze students will walk 2 days worth. The assessed route has to be different to the practice route so even with the bronze students walking part of the silver routes that's still 6 days walking in total that needs to be recced.

Now that we haven't got out this weekend and I'll be away for the next 3 weekends over the Easter holidays I really don't know how we're going to fit this in before we start taking students out in May. I can see me having no free time between the end of Easter right up until the summer, but at least I'll be doing something I enjoy and getting back out into the Peaks.

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