Monday, 5 August 2013

Already thinking about next year ...

I might have only just started out on this year's summer holiday but I'm already getting ideas for next year.

I've been following Helen Lloyd's blog on her travels to Central Asia which have included getting the Trans-Siberian Express and going to Mongolia, and this has got me wondering if, in six weeks, I would have time to get the Trans-Siberian Express from Moscow to Beijing and the Trans-Mongolian Express for the return journey, whilst still having time to actually see things. If it's possible I would get to tick two challenges off my list in one go.

Yesterday morning I was chatting to an Austrian women at the campsite in Yell. She has travelled all over Europe in her van and this includes Norway. She told me I shouldn't be worried about Norway being expensive as the UK is the most expensive place she has travelled in. She said fuel is more like regular European prices than UK prices (we seem to pay in pounds what others pay in euros) and it's easy to wild camp and many towns have council provided showers. Taking my van I'd be able to take a lot of my own food and so wouldn't have to worry too much about food prices. So now I'm also thinking about Norway for next summer. Of course if I go to Norway I have to go to Hell and so that would also be a challenge ticked off my list.

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