Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Hitting the airwaves

Last Friday I did something that was a first for me. A local BBC radio presenter noticed one of my tweets and through this found my blog. She contacted me and asked me to go into the radio studios to record an interview. I've never been into a radio studio before, let alone done a radio interview, so this was all very exciting.

On Friday evening I went along to the posh new Media City in Salford where the BBC are now based. On my way from the car park I strolled past the shiny new glass edifices that have sprung from the wasteland that was the Salford I remember. The buildings reminded me of those in Hong Kong or Canary Wharf; buildings in which billions of dollars are transacted daily. Except the buildings in those places aren't brightly labelled CBeebies.

Once inside, and with a visitor's pass strung round my neck, I was escorted several floors up and into a small studio. I chatted with the presenter for a while and explained what my blog was about. Then she clicked 'record' and the interview started for real. We talked about why I'd started the blog, the types of challenges on my list and how I see having a list as a good motivational tool for life. The whole interview lasted just over eight minutes. This might not seem long in 'real life' terms, but in 'radio life' this was so long that when it went out later that night, it was played in two parts with a music interval midway through. Although I'm very chuffed with getting a radio interview, I think I'm even prouder of the fact my first interview got an interval!

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