I don't go to the cinema much anymore. Although some films are best seen on the big screen I'm usually happy enough watching them on my laptop. Partly I like to watch at home because it's cheaper thanks to cut price DVDs on Amazon and in the supermarkets, but mostly I prefer to watch at home because I can choose what to watch and when I watch it. As I'm usually pushed for time this is a major advantage.

I have a very eclectic DVD collection. I watch films with an RE theme which is relevant for when I'm marking the media section on GCSE Religious Education papers. By RE theme this could be pretty much anything connected to religion or ethics (euthanasia, life after death, abortion, marriage, divorce, war, and animal rights are just some of the topics that come under this category).

I also watch films with any sort of Middle East or Islam slant. These range from films set in the Middle East by a Middle Eastern director to American action films depicting Arabs or Muslims as the enemy.

As well as films from the Middle East I like to watch world cinema in general, particularly if it's set in a country I'm interested in, so at the moment anything Icelandic or Scandinavian is high on my list. But I'm also interested in Australian, African and Japanese films.

Thrillers and Hollywood blockbusters are good for when I'm not feeling like using too many brain cells, though of course a good 'keep you guessing' thriller can provide a good bit of brain gym. I don't like anything with too much gore or gratuitous violence though.

I'll watch films based on books I've read or want to read. Ideally I'll watch the film first as I often get disappointed if I watch it after the book. Add to this the films I choose to watch so I know what the teenagers at school are talking about, and the films I watch because I've read a good review or it has something even remotely to do with one of my interests, and you can see why my collection resembles one where someone has walked blindfolded around HMV saying 'I'll have one of this, and one of this, and one this ...'

Below is a list of links to my posts on films I've watched.

The Name of the Rose - a medieval murder mystery set in a monastery
The Bucket List - two elderly men with a 'things to do before you die' list
Sex and the City 2 - the New Yorkers visit Abu Dhabi
Beaufort - the Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon
South of Sanity - a horror set in Antarctica. The first full-length feature film made there. 
Ozombie - Osama Bin Laden is a zombie